Bird Netting

STOPBIRDS Icons BirdNettingBird netting, if properly installed to ensure no gaps, presents an impenetrable barrier to keep birds away from surfaces being protected. Bird Netting can be used on virtually any building, large or small. Bird netting can be fitted vertically or horizontally in small or large areas. When well installed, Ace BirdNet of the right aperture size, is the only proofing solution which can be offered to solve virtually any urban bird problem. Material is polyethylene knotted, multi-strand netting, with a stainless steel braided wire support system.

What is the Ace BirdNet System?

he principal of this system is that a tensioned Wire Rope is fitted around the periphery of where the net is to be placed. The wire rope is anchored using heavy duty Corner Fixings which take the net weight. Lighter Intermediate Fixings hold the wire close to the structure being proofed. The Net is fixed to the wire rope using Hogring Staples. Ace BirdNet, if correctly installed to ensure no gaps, presents an impenetrable barrier to keep birds out of surfaces being protected. Ace BirdNet can be used on any structure large or small, from multi-story office block to the undersides of building canopies.



  • Polyethylene knotted BirdNet with stainless steel suspension system and proprietary fittings, mostly in stainless steel or copper. Ace BirdNet is made of monofilaments designed specifically for bird structural bird proofing use. Filaments are extruded to 0.3mm thick. These are then twisted into a twine that is 6 (12/6) strands thick.
  • Polyethylene does not absorb water so does not stretch, and is chemically inert.
  • All Ace BirdNets are UV light stabilized.
  • Black knotted BirdNet is the most frequently specified as it resists degradation better than any other colour.
  • Available in Black, or Stone (<1% of installations).

BirdNet Mesh Aperture Options:

  • 19mm for all birds – pigeons, sparrows, swallows, starlings, and mynahs.
  • 50mm for pigeons and gulls.
  • 75mm for gulls (an indented item).

Ace Weld Mesh:

  • This is used for small areas of proofing e.g. vents and other minor gaps as a barrier to rodents and birds.
  • This is not suited to bird proofing of larger areas such as canopies.
  • Welded galvanized steel mesh is in varying aperture sizes from 19mm to 50mm.
  • Stainless steel 316 grade mesh is in aperture sizes from 6.5mm to 50mm.
  • Mesh widths vary from 0.9M to 1.2 M.