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"We had a major problem with pigeons and birds nesting under the canopy entrance to our warehouse. Due to our RMP we needed a solution to eliminate any possibility of bird contaminants entering through our warehouse. We also could not use this space for any general storage or staging loads either as the potential for contamination was too great

Stopbirds were the first contactors working onsite since the legislation changes to the Health & Safety at Work Act 2015. We required a full contractor management plan and were supplied all the required details in a very timely manner. The work was completed during normal business hours and Stopbirds worked with us to minimise any delays and were very co-operative to our business needs.

Since the completion of the work we are completely bird free and the team have commended Stopbirds on their great result.

We received quotes from two companies to undertake this work. Stopbirds were by far the best option. After completing the work and seeing the quality and effectiveness we are very happy with the results.

I highly recommend Stopbirds for their professionalism, cost effectiveness and most importantly their attitude towards Health & safety."

James Carraher


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